The MandreX One-Click Holesaw System

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MandreX MXqs

  • The Mandrex MXqs One Click Arbor can be used on all drilling machines in combination with all holesaws. Just choose the correct combination of arbor and Pilot Drill and start drilling.
  • This unique arbor can be used with other makes of Holesaws. The adapter uses the same thread as other saw makes.
  • Just click out of one size and into the next in seconds.
  • Can fit 2 holesaws on the arbor at the same time enabling hole enlargement.

Bi-Metal Holesaws

  • All Bi-metal holesaws are extra deep enabling the user to drill through 47mm timber in one pass.
  • Last 5X longer than other saws.
  • Standard Bi-Metal and M42 8% Cobalt SpeedXcut offered
  • Available sizes range from 14mm – 210mm
  • Supplied with the adapter for One-Click Arbor.


MandreX DryXcut Holesaws

  • Mandrex DryXcut Holesaws are used for dry drilling through hard materials such as Porcelain, Marble, Granite etc. No water required.
  • Up to 10X longer life
  • Clean Edges and Fast accurate cutting
  • Premium Diamond Grade
  • M14 Thread for Angle grinder fitting or adapter for use in power drill.
Bi-Metal Holesaw

FineXcut Bi-Metal Holesaws

  • M42 long life 8% Cobalt alloy FineXcut range specifically for use on sheet metal.
  • 8/12 Variable pitch for clean edge cutting.
  • Ideal for drilling ductwork
  • Suitable for use with electric or battery powered drill.
  • Supplied with the adapter for One-Click Arbor.