Soudabond Adhesives


Soudabond Easy

Soudabond Easy is a fast curing PU Adhesive offered in 3 delivery system guns, hand and Soudal’s patented Genius Gun for the ultimate ease of use. In addition to its strong bonding performance the adhesive will foam up to allow filling and insulation of gaps, cracks, joints and cavities.

Features & Benefits:

o   Covers 14m2

o   1 can = 25kg bag of masonry or AAC adhesive

o   30% faster installation

o   No mixing

o   Accurate trigger control

o   Workable after 1 Hour



Bonding of insulation materials. Installation and bonding of drywall panels. Building of Non-load bearing walls made from AAC blocks and other types of building blocks. Bonding of timber subfloors to timber or metal joists. General bonding applications where a construction adhesive would normally be used. Due to its foaming performance also suitable for filling and insulating gaps, cracks, joints and cavities.