Soudal Genius Gun 

Soudal Genius Gun

PU foam made easier...

A world first in the market of PU foams....simply genius!

From professional tradesmen to the DIY enthusiast, regular users of hand held PU foam often experience inconveniences. For instance: the need to hold the can and operate the adaptor simultaneously, the difficulty of applying the foam and especially the limitations of re-using the foam after first usage of the can.

The Genius Gun is a specially designed patented trigger mechanism; ensuring precise application and removing the need for an additional gun. The ergonomic hand grip fits perfectly and can be easily operated with one hand. The built-in closing system with bung, permits re-use of the can for up to 6 weeks.


The Genius Gun is available on a variety of foams, gap filler and adhesive.

As we do not currently stock some of this range with the Genius Gun heads we are asking you to register your interest so we can gauge whether this will be something our customers would be interested in buying.

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