Tuff Stuff GRP Flat Roofing System

What is TuffStuff?

TuffStuff® is a GRP (Glass Reinforcing Polyester) totally seamless hard wearing flat roof waterproofing system which complies with all current UK Building Regulations and carries a now mandatory Full Fire Certificate.

It comprises of specially developed polyester resins in liquid form, reinforcement fibreglass mat and a comprehensive range of pre-made edge and flashing trims in 3 metre lengths. When installed, these elements form a totally seamless hard wearing roof.

TuffStuff® can be expected to provide a lifetime of service and also carries a 25 year product guarantee. It is installed onto OSB 3 BBA approved tongued and grooved 18mm boards.

Why use TuffStuff?

  • TuffStuff® is not just a roofing system! It is the culmination of 25 years’ experience and development in contracting.

  • We have engineered the TuffStuff® system specifically for the needs of ‘the trade’ with all components integrated with each other to ensure compatibility and ease of use by the contractor.

  • TuffStuff® will only be supplied through the pre-existing supply chain of building and roofing merchants. In other words we will never sell direct to untrained contractors.